Still can’t find the notes on the Guitar quickly enough?

image contains two targets coming together depicting unity of recognition with knowledge

It’s really not difficult.

So stop letting it be that way.

Why Choose This Course?

Just like every person should know how to read, every guitar player should know where ALL of the notes are on the guitar.

There are no exceptions to this.

It’s our mission to make this happen.

Our Method

In this course we walk you through the “principles” that make understanding how to learn where the notes are on the guitar easy.

Once that is established we then move on to the process of embedding the “two most important aspects” of the note layout into your playing.

We walk you through the process of how to do this, step by step.

Embedding these key pieces of information is useless unless you are able to effectively store what you learn.

Storing musical information is critical to your development on the guitar. The reason it is so important is because everything you learn in music builds on everything else.

So we walk you through the steps you will need to take to effectively store in your mind, and in your playing, these key aspects of the way the notes are organized on the guitar.

Throughout the course you’ll also be asked to practice the retrieval process that we also teach you how to do. Retrieval is THE most important skill to develop, because everything else depends on this skill.

If you can’t remember where to find a note, or the relationship of one note to another, then you won’t be able to create connections between other notes, musical phrases, chord voicings, or chord progressions.

Our Guarantee

We guarantee that you will be able to quickly find any note on the guitar, in 30 days or less, or you will receive a full refund.

There’s only one catch, though.

You have to show us that you did the work and did the practicing required.

Do you have ten minutes a day to practice? Then you shouldn’t have a problem going through this course.

Is This Course For You?

People that commit to the process that we’ve laid out in this course see results, FAST.

And we like people that are willing to commit.

If you have a difficult time with one of the following…

  • being consistent in your practicing
  • making excuses
  • not following through
  • being unwilling to commit

…then this course is not for you.

This course is not difficult by any stretch of the imagination. We’ve seen 8 year old learn how to do this using our methodology.

But you have to commit to the process and be consistent.

We stand by our guarantee, but if you don’t do the work then you will never see the results that you want to see.

And honestly, we only want students that are willing to commit to the process and be consistent with their practicing.

These are the students that see results fast, reach their goals and become the guitar player they always dreamed of becoming.