Still Can’t Find The Notes on The Guitar Quickly Enough?

WARNING: The information you are about to read will forever change your views on learning how to find the notes on the guitar, AND how 98% of people (you might be one of them) approach learning to recognize the notes on the Guitar the WRONG way.

This may, or may not, come as a surprise…

…but, the way you’ve been trying to learn the notes on the guitar is not working.

Am I right?

You can find certain notes almost instantly, but the other notes? They are nowhere to be found.

This is not Breaking News.

And I’m not telling you anything you don’t already know.

But, nonetheless, it is a serious problem because it literally affects EVERYTHING you do.

But, you already know this so let’s get on to my next question.

So, my next question is this…

How long has this been going on for you? 

My guess is, “Way too long.”

How do I know this?

Because, the number of times folks that have come to work with me admit that they don’t know where the notes are on the guitar is beyond staggering.

Honestly, I’ve lost count at this point.

It’s Not Your Fault

First, let’s make one thing clear.

This is not your fault.

Let’s get that right out-of-the-way.

It really shouldn’t take anyone longer than one month to learn how to recognize the notes on the guitar in just a few seconds.

And yes, it does take a little longer to become lightening fast at finding any note on the guitar in just one to two seconds. But not that much longer.

You’ll see for yourself soon enough.

Right now, though, you’re probably asking yourself, “who is this dude telling me he’s going to fix this problem for me? And how is he going to help me do this?”

We’ll get to that in a little bit as well.

Why You Still Have This Problem

Right now, the first thing I want to clear up is why you still have this problem.

You see, when all of these people you see on YouTube, or random Online Guitar Lesson Sites, are offering the same solution and people are still experiencing the same outcomes…then there’s a problem.


How do I know this to be true?

Because of all the people I have coming to me for help.

But, to be fair those “Guitar Instructors” don’t realize they are doing anything wrong, because they don’t realize what’s missing from the solution they are offering to all of these frustrated guitarists, just like you.

They think they are right.


They all make the same suggestions, walk people through all of the same steps, perhaps you know the drill?

Let’s find the A note on the Low E string, 5th fret…

And now let’s find the Octave of that note on the 4th string, 7th fret….

Sounds familiar, right?

And where has that gotten you?

Still can’t find the notes on the guitar quickly, right?

And you are probably still relying on first finding the notes on the low E string, or the high E string, in order to find the octave of that note on the 4th string.

Frustrating isn’t it?

Embarrassing, too, isn’t it?

If you’ve been doing this for longer than a few months then you must know something right now.

What you are doing is not going to help you get any faster at quickly recognizing the notes on the guitar.


And, worse yet, if you continue to let this go on IT IS GOING TO NEGATIVELY AFFECT YOUR PLAYING IN EVERY WAY.

It’s not just going to affect you being able to quickly find the notes on the guitar.

It’s going to affect your ability to recognize chord shapes, understand why chords have certain names…

…it’s going to affect your ability to know what notes are in different scales…

…it will affect you ability to play chord progressions, and recognize chord progressions.

It will affect your ability to know which notes will sound the best when you’re soloing.

What’s The Thing It Will Affect The Most? 

Your Confidence.

The best guitar players are the best because they have the confidence to go for it.

They KNOW that what they are going to play is going to work.

But, this one little thing, not being able to find the notes quickly, is capable of turning every opportunity into a problem.

In fact, by not being able to recognize the notes on the guitar quickly enough you are guaranteed a lifetime of frustration trying to play what you love, on the instrument you love so much.

It’s literally like not being able to read a book.

So many people missing out on so many wonderful experiences simply by not being able to recognize the notes on the guitar.

Here’s the deal…

When you constantly look for a note on one string in order to find it on another one, you’re taking two steps back and one step forward for something that requires only a Single Step to move forward.

The other thing is this…and it may be the worst part…

…you still don’t know where the other notes are unless you go through the same slow process.

So you keep this up…

…maybe you’ve been doing this for years…

…and the same thing happens over and over again.

The strange thing is this…

Certain notes you recognize instantly, and the other notes are nowhere to be seen.

Some notes just vanish right before your eyes as soon as you start to look for them.

Is it getting frustrating when this happens?

It sure was for me, back in the day.

Especially, when I was playing in my first serious band.

It was SUPER EMBARRASSING…and I felt like such a failure every time this happened.

For the life of me I could not find the notes on the fingerboard fast enough…

I was NEVER FAST ENOUGH at finding the notes, no matter what I did.

This happened over and over and over again.

It happened at home when I practiced and  it happened when I was taking my Guitar Lessons.

It happened in band rehearsals.

But the worst part?

It happened when I was playing Live Shows with my Band.

I would go to take a solo and then the fretboard would go blank!

It was if all of the notes on the fretboard had been erased right off the strings, right before my eyes.

Typically, the next thing that would go through my mind was…

Why does this keep happening!?!

I could find the note yesterday…but, today I can’t find it to save my life!!!

Before we go any further let’s get into a little bit of  what the actual underlying problem REALLY is….

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