Thank You!

Thanks so much for taking the time to let me know how it is I can best help you.

I take these opportunities very seriously because they give me the chance to help make practicing and playing that much more effective AND enjoyable for you.

That’s why I love teaching so much.

By the way…

Have you sent us an email yet describing the problem you are currently having with your guitar practice or playing?

Over the 26 years I’ve spent teaching I’ve found that people benefit greatly when they take the time to describe the experience they’re having.

Ya know, to get the problem out of their head and onto paper. It helps clarify what the problem actually is rather than what they think it is.

When a student does this, even during Skype lessons with me, they start to view the problem differently, because it’s no longer just a problem in their mind.

The problem is now out in the world, outside of themselves.

It’s pretty amazing what this does for people, including myself.

This is the exact reason why I journal.

You’ll be hearing from me shortly.

Thanks for reaching out!

Now get back to practicing!

-James “your guitar friend” Scott